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The Story

Our story began when Razvan and Andrei started looking for a fast and reliable funding source for one of their business ideas. After searching the world wide web they realized such a website did not exist. This gap in the market led to the creation of Backers Club.

We are a global network of investors and entrepreneurs and our vision is that any entrepreneur should be able to easily find funding for his business idea. Therefore we made it effortless for anyone to contact investors by answering three simple questions. We help our investors take the right investment decisions by offering them a reliable and advanced scoring system that will rank the entrepreneurs' applications.

We have created Backers Club as a global business network for young entrepreneurs to connect with experienced investors.

The Team

The Backers Club leadership team has extensive experience in web development & communications, business systems, networking and most importantly, delivering high quality results in a short timeframe.

Nicolae-Cezar Sirbu

Software Developer, CTO

Cezar is responsible for the development and execution of BackersClub's software. Cezar is a senior college student, studying Computer Science. He has worked as a web developer for more than seven years. He is very passionate about programming, enjoys playing chess and tennis.

Andrei Gaita

Founder, CEO

Andrei is responsible for day-to-day operations and for generating new ideas. Andrei has a degree in Business Computing Systems at City University London. He is passionate about technology innovation which drives today's business world. Andrei has done a year placement at Bouygues UK, one of the biggest construction companies in the world.

Lucian Haraga

Co-Founder, CFO

Lucian is responsible with the finance situation of the company, the evaluation of investments and with finding new ways to improve the cost effectiveness of the business. Lucian is currently a management student at Cass Business School and has strong analytical skills. He has always been drawn to the idea of an exciting role in Finance.